10 Songs That Can Make You Relate To Their Lyrics

Sub Urban – Cradles

Need an upbeat song while working on your mlm software malaysia? Cradles can get you on your feet along with the fantasy-like lyrics to keep you going about your tasks.

  1. Au/Ra & Alan Walker – Ghost

In a crowd of people, a sense of loneliness can really hit you at times when you’re standing in the corner of the room. Ghost can make you feel connected to its lyrics, of how it feels to not being there.

  1. Krewella – Human

Everyone makes mistakes, and that is human. Krewella shows that everyone needs support and is allowed to ask for help. The emotional pinnacle of the song which later evolves into a dubstep track gave a hopeful vibe to accept our humane side.

  1. Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep?

Breakups are painful, and so are the memories you have been spending with your special someone. Life has to move on, and Sam Smith’s heartbreak ballads transition that of heartache and resentment for the former partner. The hypnotic beat and danceable rhythm will make you move your body to forget anything that has happened before.

  1. Roy Woods – Instinct

Feeling rebellious? Instincts provide the notion of doing what we want to do and what we are going for – pretty much, following our ‘instincts.’ The slower, softer tone of the song gives you a sense of freedom.

  1. Troye Sivan – Happy Little Pill

The rise of mental health cases is worrisome, and Troye Sivan has brought the song to life and raise awareness. Happy Little Pill pictures how it feels to be in a dark place, whether by drug abuse, loneliness, or other different ways people cope with everything that has been going on with their lives.

  1. Sam Smith & Naughty Boy – La la la

Don’t you hate it when all you hear is negative words and unnecessary preach. When it comes to it, all you want to do is to shut your ears and go about your life. La la la is exactly what we do when we do not want to listen to things that are too much to handle. 

  1. Yuna & Usher – Crush

Do you ever have someone special that you make you fall head over heels for? The surprising collaboration of Yuna and Usher produces soothing, angelic vocals over a smooth and mellow instrumental which reminds you of your crush as you can relate to the pair exchanging sweet nothings within the sultry duet.

  1. Ariana Grande – Thank You, Next

In the midst of breakups in the middle of a pandemic, everyone affected needs their fill on self-love. Ariana’s Mean Girl’s inspired music video releases a song of growth and empowerment to prioritize one’s self after a painful breakup. Not shying away from name-dropping her most public romantic relationship, you would think your exes are no longer significant in your life.

  1. Crywolf – Neverland

Missing your days of childhood? Neverland will make you yearn for your innocent days more so than usual with its chill-step, electronic vibe. Inspired by the fictional and magical place from Peter Pan, the repeated question of “Will we ever find our Neverland?” will make you wish youth is eternal.

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Jasmine Sham