Don’ts of Home Renovation

Remodeling our house is something that we should do once in a while because it helps in keeping the house sturdy making it last long. A house should be able to take good care of its residents and so it should stay as sturdy as possible for everyone inside it to be safe especially when there are calamities like heavy storms and rains. Remodeling or doing a home renovation is not something to just uplift or enhance the look of the house since home renovation is one way of maintaining the house. 

If you are planning to renovate your house in Damansara Utama or maybe in Ara Damansara, here are some home renovation don’ts that may be useful to you.

  1. Do not think twice, decide and make it happen. 

Delaying decisions because of thinking twice about everything may cause the entire project to fail because this means that you are not focused and organized in the things that you want to do. If you always delay your decisions and deciding on things as soon as they should be decided will cause problems to the project. 

  1. Don’t change decisions too much just because you saw other things that could be beautiful for your house, stick to the plan. 

If you already have planned out everything and the contractor already knows what he should do then it is better to stick with it and not change it anymore. Changing decisions too much is toxic since there are also other things that will be affected. Also, changing mind too much will cost you more since there may be things that have already been made but will be altered just because of the changes you want to happen. Also, when you change your mind too much, you are delaying the project and you will not hit your timeline. 

  1. Don’t be the one to buy the materials to be used, let the builder do it. 

We all know that builders mark up the prices of the materials that they are buying. But it is actually just okay for you to let them do it since most of the time, builders get more discount from their suppliers that ordinary customers do. This means that even if they mark up the cost of the materials, you may just be paying the same amount if you buy the materials yourself since you will not be getting the same discount they as they do. 

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Jasmine Sham