Essential Choices for Apartment for Sale

Estimating future demand is also a tricky task when purchasing a student room. Demand could drop sharply if the city, universities or colleges themselves start investing en masse in student housing. In some cities, an oversupply already threatens. ‘Also check whether the campuses in the vicinity of the student accommodation that you want to buy have no plans to relocate or cancel courses.

Vigilance is also required if you want to invest in service flats. Some observers fear that a bubble is developing because the construction of assisted living apartments has not been slowed down since early 2021, which has led to a proliferation. The apartment for sale in subang jaya is important here now.

Advantages of buying a property

There are several advantages of choosing to buy a subang jaya condo instead of rent. As the residence is yours, you will be able to carry out any type of renovation without the need to inform a possible owner. There is no need to move at the end of the contract or for the landlord to request the property at any time. The property can increase over time, which also counts for your assets and as an investment for the future.

Don’t Get Any Return On Your Sleeve

A healthy portion of suspicion is recommended if the seller is predicting returns of 5 percent and more. Then ask how the promoter calculates that return exactly. You will find that the sales guys get stuck in their talk. ‘And don’t believe it when returns of 7 percent or more are promised. Real estate does not lead to such gigantic returns. “Sound real estate, which meets all quality standards, leads to maximum returns of 3 to 4 percent per year, unless you use financial levers.”

Think about financing

In the current environment of extremely low interest rates, the investor should think more carefully about how to finance an investment. By financing part through a credit, the investor can build up capital in a relatively cheap way.

Realize that the days of ‘easy profits’ are over

For years real estate prices have risen effortlessly, so it was logical to pay particular attention to the potential capital gain in a later sale and to be less concerned with the direct return from rental income. That time has passed. 

  • If you invest in the short term, the recouping of costs such as registration fees will be spread over only ten years, and then you should actually be able to count on some added value. ‘

However, the barrier is often that banks require their own input, which is difficult for many young people. The advantage is that they still have the energy and motivation to deal with management and maintenance.

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Jasmine Sham