vaccination package for newborn babies

Essential things your baby needs

Parents always get anxious and curious about what their baby needs every single day. It is a must for them to know everything the baby needs for their babies so that they will grow up healthy and active. So parents, in this article we are going to get to know all the essential things your baby needs. 

Milk for baby

Milk is an essential food for babies, especially newborn babies. All the nutrients that a baby needs are in the milk. Hence, mothers who are breastfeeding need a few must-have things. Firstly, breast pumps. Breast pumps mainly would help the mothers when they can store the milk through breast bumps. The milk can be stored in a feeding bottle and it will enable breast milk for the baby even without the mother’s absence.

vaccination package for newborn babies

This brings up another point. Another essential thing for babies is milk storage containers. There are a few steps to keep the breast milk safely in a storage container. Firstly, if you are planning to freeze the milk in storage you can place the milk in the fridge. Before giving it to the baby. We need to warm up the storage container by washing it in warm water. And then to maintain the milk warm, you can put the warm milk in a container that has warm water. By these methods, anyone can feed healthy breast milk for the baby.

Lotion for nipples

Yes! Mothers, you need it. Keep the lotion for yourself and apply it whenever you want to apply it. The lotion is to soothe the sore nipples from breastfeeding the baby constantly.


It’s always better to keep some reusable baby diapers for your baby. The reusable baby diapers will help you in the time where you run out of diapers. In that time, you can reuse the diapers again. It is also best to keep safety pins or some Velcro. The Velcro attached to the baby diapers may lose the stickiness which will make the diapers fall constantly. In those times, you can use the Velcro and pins to stick the diapers together. It is also important to keep some ointment for the babies or any rash creams to prevent the baby from suffering any itching or rashes. When babies are frequently wearing diapers, they are prone to get some rashes. The ointments will help to soothe them. Wet tissues or wipes are also an important thing for the baby. 

Bath time things

It is important to keep a small baby tub to bathe them. Remember to use new towels or clean towels for the baby. Baby soap and cleansers are also important for babies. It is better to avoid using adult bath soap or shampoos for babies. It is essential to keep clean clothes for the baby. It is advisable to take many clothes for the baby just in case one gets dirty. 


It is important to get to know the vaccination package for newborn babies in Malaysia. Vaccinations are important to babies to stay healthy and avoid any other diseases.

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Jasmine Sham