How Does Penetration Testing Benefit Companies?

Penetration testing is also known as ethical hacking is the process of discovering, evaluating, analyzing, and assessing the security of an organization for any point of weaknesses, the possibility of attacks, susceptibility to hackers, chances of exploitation, and vulnerabilities to be exploited.

Pen testers who perform peentration testing or the ethical hacking fall under the good guy side of the hacker world. They perform the hacking, the attacking, mimicking, and stimulating attacks on an organization, but for the greater good of the business. 

A penetration test can be done in two different ways. They can either do it from outside of an organization where pen testers are not given any internal access but simply asked to break into their system. Pen testers are free to use their methods of breaking in. they can use social engineering which is more common among many pen testers. 

Another pen testing method is the internal attack. A stimulated internal attack. The purpose of the internal attack is to ensure that all bases are covered in case of an attack within the organization’s server or the intranet. An employee could do this, or someone who has access to the organization network. It is a pen tester’s job to figure out literally every possible way someone could attack internally. 

Businesses require penetration testing for so many different reasons. Some businesses simply do it out of obligation or for a specific rule. Some businesses require excessive spending on penetration testing for the purpose of strengthening their overall defense and cybersecurity plan. Nevertheless the reason for performing a pen test, we cannot deny that a pen ten has so many benefits.

These benefits are not only limited to the organizational heads. They also affect the overall productivity of the company, improve employee welfare and produce the chance for a better remote workplace as well. 

So let’s take a look at how companies benefit from Penetration testing. 

Prevent Any Penalties 

The question of privacy and the laws on data are getting stronger and stronger. Many organizations are under obligations to be compliant with regulations and laws. Ofcourse, like any other evasion of the law, any noncompliance may be met with a loss of your permit to operate or even some jail time. A penetration test for security control and auditing may be a lot cheaper than having to pay the heft fine for going against the regulatory standards. 

Improve The Company’s Image And Trustworthiness

Security and data privacy has come under much scrutiny over the years. Especially by the public. The public eye pays attention to the security weaknesses and strengths of a company. Especially if a company deals with intricate details of the citizen. For example, a bank or a health care provider. A bank that has done a transparent penetration test of the organization’s web-based applications and network is more likely to be trusted by the public than a bank that does not invest in pen testing. A social media agency that vows to protect the privacy of its clients and does regular pen testing can prevent any accidents related to data or privacy. We do not want a repeat of the Facebook scandal ofcourse. 

Anticipate Potential Security Threats 

The whole point of penetration testing is to uncover any potential risk, arrange the potential threats, and finding ways to mitigate any privacy challenge. Penetration testing provides the business with potential ways to strengthen their cybersecurity plans and anticipate any attack from a hacker. The test allows the organization to stay one step ahead of the hackers and cyber-criminals around the world. 

The pen tester also accounts for the way digital files of the business can be attacked and prioritizes what can be done to maximize the protect company information and data.

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Jasmine Sham