How To Install Gutters Properly

The gutters collect the water from the roof preventing it from falling directly onto the wall and getting it wet. Not having gutters or not being in perfect condition, having cracks, or being clogged, can cause problems in the structure of the house. You can place, expand and renew the PVC gutters yourself, but if you choose aluminum gutters, the manufacturer has to do it for you.

Decide Which Gutter You Need

Choose the gutter model you want, trapezoidal or rounded. Measure the length of your roof to see how many pieces you need. Also measure the height from the roof to the ground to know the measurement of the downspout. Choose the width of the gutter according to the square meters of your roof: larger roofs, larger diameter of the pipe, because it will need to evacuate more water flow.

The width of the gutter that you have to put in is related to the square meters of roof you have. The usual developments of gutters range between 25 and 33 cm, but there are those of lesser and greater development. The diameter of the downspout is also related to development, that is, to the amount of water it can collect from the gutter and therefore drain. The usual diameters of the tubes are 75, 90 and 110 mm.

Choose The Way Of Fastening

Direct on the ledge. The hook is placed directly on the ledge if it has a good support surface all the way and if the exit of the tiles is correct so that it can collect the water along the entire line. It is installed directly screwed with wood screws if the cornice is made of this material or by means of dowels if it is concrete, brick with plaster or monolayer.

With deck plate. If it is in new construction, place metal plates on the surface of the roof. All should protrude the same measure on the tile. One part of the metal plate will be hidden under the tile and the other will receive the PVC hook, which can be adjusted in height on the plate itself. 

Hooks for tiles. In cases where the roof is too overhang on the cornice, you can put hooks with stirrups to place directly on the tiles together with the hooks. They can also do the gutter installation Malaysia on fiber cement or corrugated sheet metal.

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Jasmine Sham