Imagine a Life without WiFi

Every morning, you wake up and begin your routine, which for most of us includes reading the news. It generally starts on your smartphone or tablet, whether it’s about your friends, celebrities, sports, or current events. Even on your commute, you’re listening to a podcast or listening to an online radio station. You send emails, video conference, study, and send a few SMS to pals after you get to work. You’re probably also monitoring your social media profiles, unless your company has a lot of website bans. Finally, you get home and unwind with some Netflix and a quick scroll over social media before going to bed.

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As far as we know, there are no plans to ban the Internet, so you shouldn’t be concerned. But, isn’t it fascinating to consider what our lives might be like without the Internet?

Of course, it’s all too simple to talk about how horrible life would be without the internet. It would be far more difficult to communicate with your buddies on a daily (or hourly) basis. However, it would eliminate a sense of community that is important to many of us. This might range from fantasy sports leagues to virtual mental health support groups. As a result, we may be more isolated than ever. However, there are more drawbacks than you may think. To get new music other than what’s on the radio, you’d have to travel to a store and purchase a digital file in person. One of the most significant disadvantages would be the lack of pet images in our life.

The Internet has grown into a vast ocean of data and resources. Without the Internet, there would be no quick and easy access to information at the touch of a button. To acquire the information you need, you’d have to go to your local library and search the entire building, with little chance of finding what you’re seeking for right away.

Students who are accustomed to utilising the Internet to complete coursework and projects may find it difficult to find an alternative. There will be no way to obtain an education without physically attending a school or college. To get your news, you’ll have to rely on your television or the morning newspaper.

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If the Internet goes away, the global economy will be the hardest impacted. Millions of people will lose their jobs and many businesses will close as a result of a long-term global recession. The economy would contract, and local merchants and retailers would be the only ones left. Many industries may find it impossible to conduct business outside of their home city or nation.

Because there would be less competition for local market actors, commodity prices would rise. Due to the Internet, the speed at which many businesses work will be greatly slowed. The majority of transactions and interactions would have to be completed by hand. Postal mail and courier services would be required for the majority of corporate communication. Jobs that aren’t tied to the Internet will become more in demand.

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits from the internet that we cannot live without.

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Jasmine Sham