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Instagram Is The Best Platform

There are many social media these days that people are so addicted to including Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, Pinterest and so much more. Back then, Tumblr and Myspace were the social media used mostly by millennials, but everything has its expiry date. Over time, our current social media will end as well if they do not have relevant upgrades to the users. But for me and many other users, we personally love using Instagram more than any other social media. Why? Because we simply feel like Instagram has a lot to offer to the users compared to others. 

social media marketing
Sankt-Petersburg Russia April 13, 2018: Apple iPhone X on office desk with icons of social media network instagram application on screen. Social network. Starting social media app. Photo taken at company office

The first reason why Instagram is the best platform for social media from a personal perspective is that Instagram allows users to connect better with other users. We signed in to our Instagram, and we could watch daily stories that are shared by our following which are our friends and acquaintances. We have multiple and different ways of connecting with our friends like liking their posts or replies, tagging their names on related posts or exploring, giving reaction emojis on their Instagram stories, instead of just talking to each other in direct messages. Thus, Instagram makes users feel comfortable in so many ways than Twitter and Tiktok. 

The second one is for business purposes without the existence of social media ads, Instagram lets people do marketing for their business on Instagram way easier. Business owners could do normal postings of their products and services on Instagram with captions and tags of their own. Furthermore, it can also be seen by our followers easier when they looked for the tags or locations. Moreover, our posts can be found on the explore page when the users are looking for something relatable to our products and services. It hardly requires money and is also convenient for both users and business owners. 

Last but not least, after Instagram has been upgraded with social media ads, business owners or even users could give out money to promote their products, services, or profiles to get more engagement and followers. The process of doing social media ads on Instagram is also easy and how it appears on users’ feeds, does not seem disturbing and annoying, a feature that most business owners love doing on Instagram.

Nonetheless, Instagram does have its own disadvantages like bugs, issues that hardly can be answered. But it does not push aside the fact that it is convenient, trusted, and easy for everyone. Not everyone knows how to manage social media, especially when it comes to doing social media ads, but there is nothing to worry about and overthink. You can always hire a person that is specifically to help you manage your social media and helps you regarding your social media marketing. You can always learn more social media and marketing in Malaysia from Google, tutorials on social media platforms, get a better understanding from people who actually do social media marketing such as on Youtube, with these efforts and actions, you could be able to the basic form of social media and marketing with ease, 

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Jasmine Sham