Sports science

Institution That Offer Sport Science Course

Do you want to pursue study in Diploma in Sport Studies (Diploma Pengajian Sukan) but do not know which institution offers the course? Worry less because we will list some institutions that can offer you the course. Let’s see together the available institutions so you can decide where to pursue study.

Sports science
  1. Universiti Teknologi Mara

If you are a bumiputera you can pursue study in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). This university is special and only bumiputera can study here. Their education fee is quite cheap because it is a local and government university. For your information, there are many UiTM branches out there and if you want to pursue study here you will be placed at Universiti Teknologi Mara in Perlis, it is the Arau branch. Faculty of sport science and recreation also have other courses beside sport science such as sport management, sport studies, and, sport and recreation. Each course has different subjects so you need to do some research about which course that you would like to pursue. 

  1. Management and Science University

You might also be interested to study in Management and Science University also known as MSU that is located in Shah Alam, Selangor. It only takes about 2 years and half to complete the study. The fee is quite affordable which is RM 25,000 to RM 30,000 only. In first year, you will learn about anatomy, physiology, coaching principal, exercise physiology, and health and fitness. For the second year, you will learn about motor learning, sport physiology and sociology, designing exercise programs and also the management and maintenance of sport facilities. 

  1. Widad

Sport science in Widad University has two intakes every year which is in March and September. For now, it offers only for full time study and to pursue in this university you only need to pass in SPM and get 3 credits in Bahasa Melayu, English, History, Science and Mathematics. Not only that, you also need to pass their physical test and interview that will be held by the faculty. 

For all the students out there, stop wasting your time and pursue study now. There are many million reasons why you should continue studying, so go and choose which university that you want to study and what course you want to pursue. If you pursue study in sport science, there are many careers that are waiting for you out there such as sport manager, sport officer, event manager, sport manager, fitness coach, sport administrator, sport aider, recreational and many more. Many people are worried about pursuing study in fields that are not so popular like human resources (HR), business, masscom and engineering because of the lack of job opportunities out there. It is such a closed minded because if you can not find a job then create the job. There are many people willing to pay for your service because there are not many people out there who have knowledge like you do. If you want to pursue study, find the course that you like and please do not follow other people’s opinion because the one that is going to pursue study is you and not them. 

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Jasmine Sham