MCD Planners and Laboratory Supplies in Malaysia.

laboratory supplies in Malaysia

Laboratories, private or otherwise, have served as hubs of innovation and advancement since their conceptualization. Every big pharmaceutical company, tech company, and research institute has its own laboratory where they have broken the stratosphere and gone above and beyond. Laboratories are where dreams become reality, concepts become proven theses, and the progress of history is changed. Laboratories have always played a major role in the revolutionary expansion of disciplines of science, information, and technology among others. The impact that labs have had on the rate of progress cannot be alienated when talking about the overall transformation of the world. 

An indispensable factor of any laboratory are the laboratory supplies. Laboratory supplies in this context refer to the equipment used to conduct experiments, tests, and research in a controlled environment. There are multiple firms for laboratory supplies in Malaysia. One such firm is the MDC Planners. 

MCD Planners have a five step process for tackling any and all projects they take up. Research, site assessment, conceptual design, pre approval, and implementation. 

MDC Planners provide laboratory consultancy, medical equipment planners, project management and planning, containment facilities, and laboratory safety assessment.  They also provide laboratory supplies in Malaysia. This includes labware, lab trays, and lab pans. Laboratory supplies also consist of equipment used to transport and store material to and from the lab. 

laboratory supplies in Malaysia

There are six other factors to consider when designing a lab, these are.

  1. Organization. 

When considering the organizational flow of a laboratory, one must ascertain the most effective way of categorizing and cataloging the various cogs involved. This includes workflow, inventory, data collection, data analysis, resulting yields etc. Implementation of a clear system is hence the number one priority of any new laboratory in order to optimize the work output.

  1. Lab space. 

Lab space is another factor that needs to be scrutinized when a new lab is being created. The space compliments the type of research the laboratory assists with. 

  1. Safety. 

Lab safety can never be overlooked. It is necessary for one to look over a lab space as carefully as possible and identify potential hazards that may hinder the lab’s work. 

  1. Communication. 

A laboratory, regardless of the discipline it serves, should be fully equipped with the proper communication channels. Certain etiquettes must be observed when establishing the website and social media presence of the laboratory.

5. Culture. 

The culture of a laboratory is dependent on the people who work in the said laboratory. These professionals determine the quality and quantity of the work produced by the laboratory. The culture of a laboratory is closely related to its communication based protocols. These protocols outline the fundamentals of a cohesive lab work culture.

6. Equipment.

A laboratory is only as good as the equipment that is used in it. Laboratory equipment ensures that an experiment is carried out as flawlessly and safely as possible. In order to maintain pristine experimental conditions, laboratory equipment’s maintenance is of utmost importance. More often than not, a lab accident can be attributed to improper maintenance and management of laboratory equipment. 

laboratory supplies in Malaysia
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