universiti terbaik untuk kursus pembantu perubatan

Nursing assistant: profession, career and job market

The nursing assistant is often the one who has the first contact with the patient. He passes on information and prepares to refer you to the care of doctors and nurses.

This professional needs to have a global view of the entire service to be able to provide a quality service. In partnership with nurses, are they the doctors’ right-hand man? and form a fundamental team for the good recovery of patients.

In this article you will have more information about the profession and the job market, how much can a nursing assistant earn and where to study to pursue this career. Check out!

universiti terbaik untuk kursus pembantu perubatan

What does a nursing assistant do?

The nursing assistant is a professional who is part of a health team composed of doctors, nurses and nursing technicians, among other specialists.

In general terms, it is responsible for ensuring the patient’s well-being, taking care of their hygiene and nutrition, making dressings and administering medication. Your list of daily assignments is extensive. We can cite some of its main activities:

  • Prepare the patient for appointments, exams and treatments
  • Assist in the execution of treatments
  • Apply vaccines
  • Collect material for laboratory tests
  • administer medications
  • Acting in pre and post-operative care
  • Ensure the safety, hygiene, nutrition and comfort of the patient
  • Make, change and clean dressings
  • Sterilize materials

In addition, the nursing assistant can also participate in more administrative services, such as controlling, counting and daily recording the outpatient materials used (plaster, syringes, bandages, needles, etc.), in addition to helping with the related routine procedures admission and discharge of patients.

As one of the first health agents to contact the newly admitted patient, the nursing assistant must be able to recognize and describe the symptoms observed. From this identification, he will be able to transmit the basic data of the case efficiently to the rest of the team. This sensitivity and knowledge acquired in his years of study and professional practice will be of great value to a successful career.

The job market for the nursing assistant

Nursing assistants find a wide field of work in Malaysia post course from the universiti terbaik untuk kursus pembantu perubatan, especially when we talk about regions that are farther away from the capitals and large centers in the South and Southeast, or areas of greater socioeconomic vulnerability.

How to Become a Nursing Assistant

Before talking properly about the studies needed to become a nursing assistant, let’s clarify a question that usually raises doubts: after all, what is the difference between the nurse, the nursing technician and the nursing assistant?

A nurse is the person who studied Nursing, which is a higher education course, with an average duration of five years.

A nursing technician is someone who took a mid-level nursing technician course, which lasts about two years.

A nursing assistant is someone who took an assistant course, also at high school, lasting about a year and a half.

If you want to increase your professional qualification, to open more doors in the job market and have the chance to earn higher salaries, there are many possibilities to continue your studies. One of them is to take a nursing technician course, offered in large numbers in the country.

Another option is to go to a College of Nursing . It is clear that taking a degree requires a lot of dedication, willpower and time to invest in studies. But the effort can be very worth it!

Jasmine Sham