Perfect Selections Of the mont kiara apartment

In the case of a house used as a main residence, the buyer has a right of first refusal in the event of an auction with enchantment. These protections want to allow the buyer to face the purchase of the mont kiara apartment on paper with greater serenity.

One of the biggest risks is the bankruptcy of the construction company before the building is completed. With the aforementioned protections, the purchaser will be able to make a claim in the places and in the ways provided for by law.

Buying a house on paper: how to proceed

To proceed properly with the purchase of a mont kiara new condo on paper, we propose some steps that are the natural continuation of the protections just mentioned.

In the development phase of the Preliminary Contract:

The builder is obliged to deliver to the buyer the surety, valid until the transfer of ownership has taken place.

It is mandatory to draw up a preliminary contract in line with current regulations.

Between the stipulation of the preliminary and the definitive:

You can request the splitting of the loan. The splitting takes place when the builder takes out a mortgage to finance the construction of the house, which is divided into as many shares as there are housing units. To guarantee the loan, a mortgage is registered, which will be divided so that each housing unit has a mortgage relating to the corresponding portion of the loan. In this way the buyer will be able to pay only the amount of the loan relating to the housing unit he wants to buy.

The notary will not be able to stipulate anything in the absence of splitting or cancellation of the mortgage.

During the signing of the final notarial deed of ownership transfer:

The builder must deliver an insurance policy on the mont kiara property.

After the signing of the final deed:

  • For those who buy, the above right of pre-emption is foreseen;
  • From this moment on, the buyer will no longer be able to claim against the manufacturer in the event of bankruptcy.
  • The advice is always the same, seek the support and advice of a professional specialized in real estate sales on paper.

Buying a house on paper, last tips

Before proceeding with the purchase, we suggest that you request two additional protections. The first concerns the technical documents. Qualification titles through which the building intervention was authorized, a sales specification to be attached to the compromise

The second is to collect as much information as possible about the selling company. Knowing the work done previously and therefore the experience and reliability of the company is an undervalued but fundamental aspect.

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Jasmine Sham