Rough Sex and Is It Safe? 

“I like it rough,” one of the most exciting but intimidating sentences ever. Rough sex sounds so scary; and it is for beginners. So first thing to keep in mind is that it’s crucial to first define what hard sex isn’t. This post is about consenting people having sex. Remember, consent is supposed to be mutual. It’s not rough sex if all partners aren’t completely, even excitedly, consenting. That’s assault, and it’s a terrible offense. By the way, go to Secret Cherry website to purchase top sex toys in Secret Cherry malaysia.

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Say it again with me: Rough sex is supposed to be with consent, if there’s none then it is a sexual assault. 

Rough sex is difficult to define since it encompasses a wide range of behaviours, from harsh kissing to BDSM (Bondage-Discipline, Dominance-Submission, Sadism-Masochism) aspects. A given sex act may be considered rough by one individual but not by another. It might incorporate some kinks and fetish along. 

Rough sex is a term that refers to sexual activity that incorporates some type of aggression. There is usually some pleasant pain involved, as well as rapid and forceful movement.

Synonyms for Rough Sex: 

  • Harsh Sex 
  • Passionate sex 
  • Hardcore sex 
  • Kinky sex

Sex Violence Is A Serious Problem In Today’s Society.

Because these terms can imply various things to different people, it’s especially crucial to double-check with potential partners to make sure you’re both on the same page about which behaviors are acceptable.

Also, while some people use words like “violent” and “forceful,” keep in mind that consent is always required and should never be assumed.

Is it Natural To Have Fantasies Regarding This? 

The desire for rough sex is natural and widespread. Many people have fantasies about BDSM or have tried out some type of BDSM play. The prevalence of rough sex was revealed in a survey of over 700 young individuals.

More than half of those polled admitted to having indulged in rough sex.

Is It Safe for Me and My Partner? 

In most cases, consensual rough sex does not result in violence or injury. 

How To Have A Safe Rough Sex Experience

Lets start with scratching and biting to start if you’re new to rough sex. Most people are familiar with the sensation of a scratch, and gentle biting is a step up from there. Depending on your partner’s demands and requirements, you can always increase how hard you scrape and bite down.

Even though brutal sex is depicted in advertising and movies, it is still considered edgy or off-limits. As a result, expressing your desire for it might be awkward. Remember, if you want rough sex (or the notion of it), what you desire isn’t perverse or wrong—a lot of other people want it as well. Try not to criticize yourself, don’t apologize for expressing your wants, and don’t assume your partner will reject you because you’re crazy. Start with something you’ve previously done and loved, such as being held down during sex or having your hair being pulled by your partner when you are giving a blowjob.

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