liver problem

Signs Your Liver Needs Medical Assistance

The liver that has a lot to do daily to keep our system clean from toxins. The liver is the biggest solid organ in your body and it works by breaking down substances and chemicals by converting it as waste called bile. This helps in smoothing the process of getting rid of bile by bloodstream as the toxins are less harmful.

liver problem

The liver has almost hundreds functions they are in charge of and one of them is to balance out metabolism by converting glycogen to glucose. The liver does a lot of converting, transforming and storing. Immunization system is also created by the liver and it is responsible for casting away the old and damaged red cells. There are actually many more to the liver’s vital role in an individual’s life and health. Our livers are the only organ that is regeneratable.

When you donate a small part of your liver, it takes only two to four weeks to regrow. For it to grow into its original size, it will take a year to do so. This is how miraculous a liver is and that is why everything is trying their best to cure their diseases. However, as much as our livers are a helpful organ, there are some diseases that might get in the way and attack our livers. We should be able to identify what is what in the earlier stage so that more alternatives can be taken. Here are the signs of your livers needing medical assistance.

The first thing you should be aware of is fluid retention. This is the most typical sign of liver disease. You might notice there is fluid accumulation in your abdomen or leg swelling that is caused by distension. This happens when a protein called albumin that works to prevent leaks from your bloodstream into tissue fails to be created by your liver. Another sign is jaundice. This is very recognizable as you can easily tell physically when you see it happening to someone.

Their eyes will be yellow-tinted and skin will get a little yellowish. For those suffering, they might notice how their urine gets a color darker than normal. This happens as blood cells are breaking up and pigments are showing up on parts of your bodies. When your liver is in a bad shape, chances are, cirrhosis has already been formed. It is when the healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue instead. This will give way for bleeding to happen. You might experience blood vomiting. 

When you have all these symptoms, the best thing to do is straight away consult a doctor specializing in this matter. You can also take medicine for liver cirrhosis Malaysia as a supplement to assist you through your recovery journey. You will have to work on a lot of things such as your food intake and the type of food you consume, squeeze in exercising in a day and also medicines and supplements. If you are able to balance out everything, you will definitely be able to get better. 

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Jasmine Sham