Technology’s Role In Purchasing Groceries

Grocery shopping might be a mundane task, but it is a daily necessity to make healthy dishes for the family or before starting your daily workout routine. As they say, you can’t start a day without breakfast. This is scientifically proven too as it provides plenty of benefits and gives you a good energetic start on a long working day. But, there are a few things that grocery shoppers face that would make daily trips to the grocery store a little bit difficult, other than coming up with what dishes to cook for the next day. Depending on where they are bought from, the prices and quality of ingredients can vary. Every grocery store would sell ingredients wrapped in a plastic bag based on weight to standardize the weight, but prevents shoppers from changing the quality of their groceries. In the market however, the opposite can be found as shoppers are able to pick fresh ingredients individually, but since there are multiple similar stalls set up within the same venue, the prices and quality varies from one stall to another.

However, there is one major issue that has made daily trips to the market and grocery store much more difficult, the coronavirus. As the virus spreads across the world at a rapid rate, most citizens are forced to stay at home to prevent getting infected. This heavily affects most housewives and elderly as markets and grocery stores would allow only a certain number of shoppers to enter the venue. Although it doesn’t affect most shoppers, it significantly affects the elderly as they are not allowed to step outside due to their immune system not being able to combat against the virus more effectively. Of course, this would lead them to rely on their children, grandchildren or whoever they can rely on to get their desired ingredients. 

Because of these issues, smartphones are becoming more important to fulfill everyone’s daily needs. Although they are used more commonly to satisfy users’ needs for entertainment and news, the elderly can benefit from smartphone devices as well to not only have access to more entertainment that the rerun dramas on TV, they can use apps to help them get their groceries delivered at their doorstep. If you are a fan of salmon but they are too expensive and too far from your home, you will no longer worry about it anymore as you can buy salmon malaysia through various e-commerce apps such as Fave, Shopee, Grab and many more. If you don’t have any of the apps downloaded, then you don’t have to worry as these apps have their own websites to make ordering online much easier and less of a hassle to go through on the smartphone.

With technology and the internet becoming so advanced these days, it is best to teach the elderly how to utilize these technologies to suit their needs and teach them what to look out for to prevent falling to scams. Additionally, they can find some interesting games like mahjong, solitaire or whatever games they can find in the app store to kill time whenever they’re bored of catching up with the latest dramas.

Jasmine Sham