The Two Main Uses Of Vibrators

Vibrators are sex toys like any other. They were made for the sole purpose of the user achieving pleasure and climax. These vibrators are usually catered to women, but it can be used by anyone regardless of your sexual orientation, gender and sexuality. Either way, it is a toy ought to be used for a pleasurable experience that will leave your back arching and your toes curling. 


When people think of vibrators, or sex toys in general, they think of ‘incapability’. They associate this word with sex toys because they believe that one only used sex toys if they aren’t able to achieve the traditional way. There is some truth to this, but to an extent. Sex toys can also be used to enhance the experience, it doesn’t need to be used only when you can’t achieve it the usual way. Plus, if it were to be used between two people, especially a man and a woman, society has this belief that the ‘man’ lacks something. However, that is not the case, men need to view sex toys as they friends not their foes. 

Other than that, society also perceives using sex toys as an unnatural and selfish act. It is understandable, because society tends to be conservative on their views on sex and sexual acts. But, the times are slowly changing, and the younger generations are more open about receiving and giving pleasure more and more. Discussions on these topics are being held at open events and talks. 

Now, if you intend on delving into the world of sex toys, you should try the vibrator first. It is one of the more simple and basic sex toys out there. You can start from here and gradually move onto more advanced toys. Here are   ways you can use vibrators


You can use them for your genitalia

First, the most obvious use is to use them for your genitalia. These toys vibrate at different speeds and intensities. They allow the user to control them, but they also have different modes from which you can choose from. Either way, the vibrations stimulate your genitals in many ways. Plus, there are also phallic shaped vibrators. You can insert them into your orifices and pick a setting or vibrate according to your choice. These vibrations can cause extreme waves of pleasure if done correctly. 

You can stimulate your other erogenous zones

Next, vibrators can also stimulate the other erogenous zones in your body. Erogenous zones are considered to be zones that make you turn on. Zones that emit pleasure when stimulated. These zones include your neck, mouth, arse and chest. Usually, most people, even with partners, can stimulate all things at once. We are human after all. But, with a vibrator, those simulations can be increased with intensity. For instance, you can place the vibrator onto your nipples as you masturbate. This can enhance your experience in many ways. 

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Jasmine Sham