The Weird State Of Online Gambling In Malaysia

As you may know, gambling is a popular pastime for everyone as it offers limitless potential for winners to earn more than they start with. Because of that, most religions discourage people from gambling with some countries outright banning gambling as an activity. However, Malaysia, being an Islamic country, allows gambling for their citizens with heavy restrictions towards Muslims to discourage them from gambling. If that is the case, how does a Malaysian gambler satisfy their gambling needs?

Gentingbet offers a large variety of both machine and table games including free slot machine games that would be attractive for newer online gamblers or veteran players to wind down from gambling too long or a long day’s work. What makes online casinos more attractive than their on-site cousins is benefits that they receive from continuous usage of their services. In addition to that, gamblers are able to register as members to gain more benefits with higher tiers of membership providing bigger rewards and more benefits to gamblers. Gentingbet also offers a wide variety of online payment systems which allow gamblers from local and overseas to convert their money to in-game tokens. 

It may sound weird, but Malaysia is one of, if not the only Islamic country that legalize gambling under certain conditions, one of them is, of course, strictly forbidding Muslims from entering any gambling sites as Muslims depict gambling as one of the most blasphemous activities that can hinder an individual’s wellbeing and relationship with others. This sets Malaysia’s law in a limbo as gambling was made legal due to Chinese and Indians making up for the majority of its population after Muslims. With online gambling becoming more common, you can’t tell the race of the gambler and enact proper punishment to the offender until you figure out their religion. Even then, there are so many online casinos that the government can’t close down all of them. So, the police forces would occasionally raid illegal gambling sites to confiscate and shut down their operations as much as possible. Another issue is gamblers have the freedom to gamble on oversea online casinos where gambling is legalized. Although the Malaysian government prevents their citizens from accessing online casinos, virtual private network (VPN) applications allow gamblers to bypass the restriction and gamble away. Since they are gambling in online casinos where gambling is legalized, the gamblers are outside of our country’s jurisdiction which allows them to gamble without any care in the world.

Although gambling is acceptable to a certain extent by the world, it is a dangerous activity that can ruin lives if not played carefully. Most online casinos have developed their own mobile apps that can be downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices, which could be severely dangerous to children and youths when they are not supervised by their parents. Naive children and youths will unconditionally spend their parents’ money to “play games” without knowing the games they are playing involve real money. Other than supervising their children’s activities, parents must educate their children about the dangers of some of these games to prevent any unforeseeable circumstance occuring in the future.

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Jasmine Sham