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Tips to help you choose the right university

universiti perubatan malaysia

None of us are immune to mistakes. Some of them are just annoying misunderstandings, others have more serious consequences. Going to a university that is not right for you is definitely in the second category and can cause a lot of problems, stress and negative emotions.

1. Don’t put prestige at the top

When choosing a universiti perubatan malaysia, it is very easy to get carried away by a variety of ratings and statistics. After all, if you want to get the most out of higher education, then it’s logical to strive to go to the best university in the country, isn’t it? This logic doesn’t always work.

A diploma from a prestigious university can have many benefits, ranging from more tempting career prospects to the ability to make useful connections in academia. But studying at a top university does not consist of only lectures and seminars (especially if you are a nonresident student), there are many other aspects that need to be taken into account. Although, of course, many prestigious universities also provide their students with many additional opportunities. You just need to decide which ones are important for you.

universiti perubatan malaysia

2. Choose a program, not a university

Some applicants are so excited about the idea of enrolling in a certain university that they absolutely do not care which faculty they enroll in. But there are not many such people. As a rule, already in the 9-10th grade we know what we will do after leaving school, and based on this we are looking for a university for admission.

Here, too, one should not trust the general university ratings by 100 percent. Try to get as much information as possible not about the university in general, but specifically about the program you intend to enroll in. For example, a small specialized institute can provide you with a better medical education than the medical faculty of a large and renowned multidisciplinary university. 

3. Be clear about what you want and what your parents want.

Yes, it can be difficult to argue with your parents (especially when you are completely dependent on them financially). But in this case, you need to stand firm, because the choice of the university will have a significant impact on your life for years to come.

4. Be honest with yourself

We are used to deceiving ourselves, at least in little things. But choosing a university is hardly a trifle. When friends ask you why you decided to enroll in programming, it is easy to say that you are attracted by progress and high technologies. But are these things really what attracts you, and not the high salary of a programmer?

5. Visit the university in person

What looks great on paper or on a monitor may turn out to be much less attractive in reality. In order to form your opinion about the university, it is best to visit it in person.

Most universities organize Open Days several times a year. This is a great opportunity to explore all the premises of the university, chat with teachers and learn about educational programs firsthand. However, you can go there on a normal day – it will be useful for you to see not only the front, but also the everyday side.

universiti perubatan malaysia
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