Tips To Rent An Apartment In Malaysia

A lot of people have troubles trying to find a place to stay in Malaysia. You don’t know what kind of apartment you should rent or there are too many choices. Maybe you want to live near any public transportation. Maybe you don’t know whether you want to stay in Bandar Utama or another location in Damansara. 

And hey, if you’re interested in Malaysian tourism spots, you might want to study tourism. Back to the topic:

There are various options for locating acceptable housing. If you’ve already chosen an apartment complex, ask the Management Office if they have any available units or if they can refer you to a real estate agent. Apartments for rent are occasionally advertised on the building’s notice board.

Once you’ve made contact with a real estate agent, explain your budget and requirements, as well as the area of town where you want to live. You could maybe opt to live in Bandar Utama. It’s a nice area to live in. Back to the topic, you need to explain your needs because real estate agents commonly cooperate, if yours doesn’t have anything suitable in the location you’ve picked, he or she can readily contact other agents.

When you’ve discovered a place you like, talk to the landlord about the rent. There is a significant surplus of residential housing nowadays, and landlords are more eager than ever to find a tenant. Leaving a property vacant for even a month without a tenant could cost the landlord more than not accepting your offer anyway. So, let them know your budget and how much you are willing to pay. Remember to be reasonable, though. Always keep in mind that you should never give the real estate agent a commission. The landlord pays the agent a commission, which is normally equivalent to one month’s rent.

Tenancy agreements are commonly a year or two long. A shorter term, such as six months, may be possible to negotiate, but this will likely raise the rent. If you want to rent for more than two years, you can use this as a bargaining chip to get the rent reduced.

Look through the apartment or property and notify the real estate agent if you see anything you may not like. It could be a worn-out sofa that has to be replaced, or you might need a new mattress. Perhaps there are only two functional rings on the gas stove instead of four, or the bedroom curtains let in too much light. To make sure there are no plumbing issues, check the faucets and flush the toilets. 

Also, make sure that all of the rooms have air conditioning and that they have been serviced recently. By opening the front flap of the air conditioner and inspecting the blower and filter, you can see how unclean it is. If they’re filthy, request that they be cleaned before you move in. Examine the walls and ceilings for signs of dampness. This type of issue is more common in lower-cost apartments, and unless it is addressed soon, it may worsen.

Jasmine Sham