Transforming Your Room In 2021: Liven It Up

The pandemic has made us take a double take at what or rooms look like.

We are spending almost 100 percent of our time there, whether it is to work, sleep and study. Some people simply don’t have the luxury of getting a separate study for their professional purposes. Some of us simply live in a studio apartment where cooking is also done in the comfort of our room.

For whatever purpose your room is, is your room perhaps making you feel down? I do believe that a room can speak to you. Your room represents your personality. Is it time that it needs some freshening up? A pint of colour? Maybe throw out the outrageous furniture that provides no value? 

Let’s see what the top Selangor interior design companies and other designers have to say about a room transformation. We are bringing you the best tips to entirely transform your room from dull to Instgrammable.

  1. Colourful Throw Pillows

We tend to stay on the mellow side, sticking to monochrome colours for our pillow choices. A throw pillow can bring change in the way we look at our room. These colourful patterns or the brightness of throw pillows are a contrast against all the other neutral colours of the room. Take a step away from your comfort zone and choose a throw pillow that has a little “oomph” and some lovely patterns. 

The beauty of throw pillows is, they simply don’t have to match with the rest of your bedding or furniture. A throw pillow is meant to stand out and be the queen that she is. 

  1. Get Your Favourite Scent In The Room 

An aromatherapy diffuser, incense candle, or scented candle can do your room wonders. Splurge a little on getting a diffuser or a candle that lands on the aesthetic side because this can make a lot of difference in how you feel. Your favorite scent burning or diffusing throughout the room will instantly lift your mood and put you in a happier place. And of course, the aesthetics of the object is simply for the pleasure of your eyes. 

  1. Get Some Green In The Room 

A lot of the time, designers tend to fill in empty spaces with plants. And with 2020 rolling in, all we saw was people getting plants for their rooms. Whether it is fake or not, it definitely fills up the empty space and the greenery in the room instantly fills your heart with warmth as well. 

The beauty of a plant is, there is no one way to have it. The importance is the pop of green, whether it is in the form of a festive plant basket or a mantle hanging from your mirror, or even pairing leaves into your favorite piece of Macrame. 

Your creativity can lead the way in your journey to designing with plants. But plants are a surefire way of sprucing up your room. 

  1. Buy Some Art For Your Room 

Art can elevate any place. When your wall feels lonely and empty there is nothing like a piece of wall art to fix it. Artistic additions in your room whether it is on your wall or your desk, will give you something to look forward to. It will engage you and keep the room livened up. So hit your favorite mobile applications and search for your favourite piece of art. Better yet, order from local artists varying from all ages, but will provide you something made full of love. 

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Jasmine Sham