Tupperware storage containers

Tupperware containers: The best You need Now

Tupperware storage containers

The compact storage system includes oval and round containers that are useful for storing food in any household. They keep food fresh for a long time and take up little space as they can be stacked on top of one another. For the convenience of using the compact storage system, special stickers with product names can be purchased for containers.

A compact storage system, consisting of containers of various heights and volumes, in which food, well protected from moisture, remains fresh for a long time – this is an excellent solution to the storage problem. Tupperware storage containers make food look appealing, easy to find, and storage conditions in any modern kitchen in any modern kitchen. The containers are designed for storing onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, beets and other vegetables and fruits.

Let technology change the way you store food.

Tanks “Smart refrigerator” allow 2-3 times to increase the shelf life of products. You can choose the optimum moisture setting for fruits or vegetables. The evaporation rate can be controlled by a lid with 3 slider positions: closed, open and half-open.

Elongated Tupperware trays with ventilation are designed for storing sausages, meatloaf and pâtés. It is better to store uncooked smoked and cooked smoked products with open ventilation holes. Ham, sausages and cooked sausages stay fresh longer without air intake. By changing the position of the lid, you can open and close the ventilation holes depending on the type of meat product.

Unlike conventional containers, Tupperware’s “Smart Cheesecake” plastic cookware has a condensation control system and keeps the cheese fresh for much longer. Feel free to store fragrant types of cheeses in it, their smell will not spread through the refrigerator. You can serve cheeses right on the bottom of the cheese pan.

The smart bread bin is the easiest way to keep your bread fresh for a long time. Excess moisture is absorbed by the cells of a special grid, preventing the bread from stale or dry out.

Create your own collection of ready-to-eat containers.

Tupperware storage containers

The Tupperware container set is a wonderful gift for any housewife, including moms. If you often freeze semi-finished products, buy freezer containers: their flexible walls will make it easy to remove the contents even after deep freezing. Sets of dishes are suitable for storing ready-made dishes from pasta, rice, vegetables. Thanks to their stylish and laconic design, they can even be used for table setting.

Dine in the office with homemade food from a Tupperware container. The shape of the containers resembles small suitcases and unfolds 180 degrees. This allows you to organize a comfortable snack area, even at the work desk.

Children’s set of containers consists of 3 elements that fit easily into each other. You can put nuts, sandwiches, pieces of vegetables and fruits, cookies in them – everything you need for a snack at school.

Check out the range of tableware and storage containers in the catalog of the online store. Delivery in Moscow and in the regions of Russia is carried out by courier service, through a network of points of delivery or by Malaysian Post.

Tupperware storage containers
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