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What Is A Penis Extender

A penis extender is a medical sex toy online Malaysia that has two objectives: the first is to increase the size of the erect penis in proportions that can reach around 30%. By size, it obviously means the length of the penis, but also its diameter. The second objective, which concerns a smaller proportion of men, is to fight against Peyronie’s disease, responsible for the curvature of the penis. Indeed, a curved penis can make intercourse complicated, and difficult for the partner to bear. A penis the extender has the ability to straighten this penile curvature, offering men the opportunity to finally have a fulfilling sex life.

How Does A Penis Extender Work

If the manufacturers of penis extenders promise great results, you still need to know how it works anatomically. First of all, you must understand the reactions of the penis during an erection to explain the possible improvement brought by a penis extender. During an erection, the penis goes through two chain reactions. The first phase is tumescence: subjected to sexual stimulation, the penis, which contains cavernous bodies, sees the muscle fibers that compose them relax, causing an influx of blood that fills the arteries present in these cavernous bodies. The second phase, called
stiffness, is caused by increased blood pressure which clogs the veins and prevents blood from escaping out of the genital tract. The penis is ready for penetration.

Thus, as the blood is responsible for both the tumescence and the rigidity, the penis extender will aim to drain more blood into the penis during an arousal phase, in order to make the penis longer or wider. For this, the objective is to increase the space available to accommodate this blood.

The penis extender, therefore, reuses the basic solution existing in the bodybuilding sector, but with the specificities of the penis.

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