What Time Should You Expect For Your Parcel?

As the demand grows higher under the E-Commerce industry, the numbers of people started making online purchases have increased way higher than it used to before the pandemic. You can say that one of the big majors this happened is because of the pandemic as well because first of all, people are forced to stay home and that it caused many people to panic and straight away buy all the groceries and essential stuff after the announcement. But now that everyone is comfortable making purchases over online shopping, whether it is a mobile application or a website, it is definitely convenient. But after you have made your payment and let’s say Altus Malaysia is handling your package to be delivered, what time can you expect for your parcel?

Well, everyone knows the first time you can expect your parcels are during the working hours on weekdays. The typical working days are from Monday until Friday, and from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening or 6. In this period of time, you can expect your courier to send your parcels and knock your front door a couple of times. But as I mentioned in my introduction that the demand rises higher, many delivery services have extended their time in sending parcels to their customers, sometimes they actually send it at night as well. 

Apart from that, this has never been done before, I don’t think that they have ever sent anything during the weekend but now they do! Because most of us have nothing to do on the weekends and especially not being able to go out, basically forced to enjoy the entertainment we have at home. Some of the delivery services’ companies actually pay some of their laborers to work during the weekend in order to make sure that most of their customers can get their parcel fast, and also lessen down their packages at the warehouse as well. 

That is the reason why I think some people should stop being so cruel and questioning about the slow services because I am sure that most of the time, they are doing this best in delivering the packages for their customers. I mean, who would want bad reviews of their services? Yes, there are some days that they actually knock on your door and wait a long time for you to open the door but sometimes you are just not at home and they have to return the parcel to the main courier which you might need to go and take it yourself, but it is obviously not their fault. If you are interested in this, you might interested with these articles too.

Therefore, I think we should give them full gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement of what they do every day. Everyone does have their own kinds of problems as well, might not be as hard to us, but who knows it is extremely hard for them, and who are we to judge that? Meanwhile, what their companies could do for them is by giving them extra allowances especially if they are working for more than the time they are supposed to, during the weekends and especially on public holidays as well. 

Jasmine Sham